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Laong nila an taga Tago kuno para-away pero hanugay. Mamingawuni naman ganahani mandahap-dahap nan notisya. Naman ini na pabyon inhimo para kita na mga Tagon-on magkasinusihay, magka-binayluay nan mga gilaong, nan notisya, nan kaayuhan.
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 Post subject: GIANT LEAP
Unread postPosted: Wed Mar 07, 2007 3:03 am 
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Ang Kapatiran Political Party –

Was poring over articles on the upcoming May election. Lineups of Team Unity, GO and other mixed-affiliation coalition, and one relatively obscure political party advocating God-centered politics caught my attention.

Ang Kapatiran Political Party. With only three candidates and very little experience in the Philippine elections, Kapatiran does not intend to outdo either the administration’s TEAM Unity or GO when it comes to political machinery, clout and antics, according to Kapatiran founder Nandy Pacheco.

“We’re helping build a nation of character here,” he told the Philippine Daily Inquirer on Friday. “To achieve this, we have to promote a politics of virtue, duty and good citizenship.”

Pacheco, a leading advocate of a gun-less society, admitted that the idea might not sell well to an electorate still generally blinded by popularity and money in choosing their candidates.

Martin Bautista, 44, is a gastroenterologist who had spent the last 17 years working in the United States. Last year, he went home for good with his wife and four daughters. “Life is short,” he says. “Better spend it doing something good for your country” he was later convinced to run under the Kapatiran ticket.

Zozimo Paredes, 58, is formerly executive director of the Presidential Commission on the Visiting Forces Agreement with the US. He lost his job last year after questioning the furtive transfer to the US Embassy of Marine soldier Daniel Smith, a convicted rapist.

Adian Sison, 50, is a seasoned lawyer specializing in taxation and family law.

My husband said, “mahirap. . . no name recognition parang sumoson-tok sa buwan but I wish them well”.

Conrado de Quiros best put in it his Inquirer Opinion/Column – Courage:
“But to see people like Bautista as “losers” is precisely the kind of knee-jerk reaction that has wrecked the knees of this country and reduced it to a cripple groping blindly in the dark. Look at Bautista and company’s credentials and see if the wannabes in the administration and opposition tickets, individually or collectively, can hold up a candle to them”.

I have no political bone in my body, but I think it’s about time I’ll grow one. :) I’ll campaign for the Kapatiran Party. It’s a small step but hopefully it’s a giant leap in the right direction. :-D

To learn more about Kapatiran please visit: Ang Kapatiran Political Party http://kpkcommongood.blogspot.com/

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those that matter... don't mind and those that mind... don't matter." Dr. Suess

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Unread postPosted: Thu Mar 08, 2007 6:54 am 
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Uno agaw si Manny Pacquio candidato? Pagka uno?

Maguno dayon si Manny kon makada-ug, manontok? hehehehehehehe..boy oh boy..what a deal. 8-[ 8-[ 8-[ :-D

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