People Power Against Gma, will you support it? why?

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People Power Against Gma, will you support it? why?

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People Power Against Gma, will you support it? why?

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People Power Against Gma, will you support it? why?

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By means of people power to change presidents is the main reason that made our situation so ridiculous in the first place. Our legal system has lost its meaning. Our Constitution provides a limited list of how we can change our leaders but our politicians only use it to defend themselves while in power and ignore it when they are not. The rule of law has now become a joke. Instead of resorting to elections and impeachment to determine who will lead us, we have allowed gatherings on EDSA to do such. The spirit of People Power has been corrupted. It has lost its value and meaning.

If you really want to help this country, stay off the streets, do your job, pay your taxes and above all, respect our Constitution and laws.
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Comment on philstar (online) column by P. Soliven published on 14/07 2005

Greetings from the land of OZ!

As a true blooded Filipino residing overseas, it certainly bleeds my heard to have witnessed our beloved Philippines in the midst of another crisis. I hope this matter will be resolved at the soonest possible time, however with the looming adversity that lies ahead, it would take time before this country goes back on its feet. Nonetheless, i am very hopeful that Philippines will rise up yet again, somehow, someday and the government would utilize everything in its power to drive this country forward and pursue a complete overhaul of government to start from scratch and thereby recouping the blemished trust and respect of its citizenry.

I really do believe that Madame President is trying her hardest to move Philippines forward, it's just that she's overshadowed by family controversies which left her image tarnished more than anything. Taking that aside, I think she has done well, have a strong will and the mental capability to make a difference to this country compare to the previous administrations.

With utmost veracity, at this point in time, no matter 'WHO' you put in Malacanang, with the mountains of problems currently hovering Philippines, it would not resolve anything. Worst, he/she may not have the skills and the know how to run a government well, but may only be used by the traditional trapo's. We've had a good glimpse how Gloria works, so let us give her the benefit of the doubt and a chance to redeem herself for the sake of the very ailing and battered Philippines.

May I likewise plea, the current political bickering and attempt to unseat the incumbent government will only bury the economy further down and thus, what we need momentarily is to just leave her alone and let her perform her job!

Furthermore, let the politically motivated rallies be put to a complete halt if we have to resurrect the economy all at once!

Thank you and may GOD bless the Philippines!

Best Regards,
Rod L.

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