World Youth Day - A Success

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World Youth Day - A Success

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Our parish community and the Filipino Chaplaincy of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia stand proud of their involvement in the celebration of the spirit --THE WORLD YOUTH DAY. As part of the massive activities, our parish and the chaplaincy hosted and entertained the Filipino-Canadian & German pilgrims. As we don’t have a palatial home and couldn’t commit to their stringent time demand, we were unable to accommodate them. However, Sunoy and I were very much part of the entourage who welcome and entertained the pilgrims. Merriment took place in one of the parishioner’s home where different kinds of foods emaginable were served to cater to the hungry pilgrims. They were all delighted by the display of our warm hospitality and the palatable western and Filipino foods. We also toured them to our famous Gold Coast and of course our favourite past time karaoke session ensued.

World Youth Day was a success ceremoniously held in Sydney. Thousands of people from different countries gathered to grace the event. It was a moment every youth was waiting for, an event that enhanced and reinforced one’s faith.

World Youth Day is over now but vestige of the event will forever linger in us.

Photos will be posted later.


We were unable to go to Sydney kay way time. Wara kami makakita kan Pope sa tv da kami ga monitor. Yes, sa tv da kami gatan-aw but his magnetic power was greatly felt.

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