doing a lecture on technical communications

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doing a lecture on technical communications

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At least they didn’t give me a look like I was speaking in tongues. And it was all I needed to make it through.

I recently got invited to do a lecture on technical writing as part of the workshop organized and facilitated by the Department of Interior and Local Government. Participated in by department heads from Surigao del Sur’s 18 towns and one city, my lecture was intended to make it easier for participants to write their respective comprehensive development plan, the workshop output.

That I got the job was a complete surprise. For one, I have no track record with DILG. Second, I didn’t know Provincial Director Pedrito P. Alacaba as he was assigned in Tandag for barely two months. But as it turned out, Taptap---PD Alacaba’s staff from Kitcharao and my first-time student in grad school---suggested getting me. Well, talk about Taptap’s clairvoyance and PD Alacaba’s leap of faith! But really I’m grateful; otherwise I wouldn’t have snagged a “racket” that netted me half of my Honda Jazz’s monthly amortization.

But what’s that got to do with this post?

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Re: doing a lecture on technical communications

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Lamii sab Kamps imo narrative.

About your car: lamii ug bag-ohi pa gayod. Good make and model

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