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Laong nila an taga Tago kuno para-away pero hanugay. Mamingawuni naman ganahani mandahap-dahap nan notisya. Naman ini na pabyon inhimo para kita na mga Tagon-on magkasinusihay, magka-binayluay nan mga gilaong, nan notisya, nan kaayuhan.
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(Note: From one the few blogs i read and truly admire, here's one blogpost I thought i had to share because it really made sense. Here's the link: http://egreyes.blogspot.com/)

The excuse is always the mandatory service charge already included in your bill.

How sure are we that the bulk of service charges do go to the people who serve us in restaurants or bars? I have a feeling it stays with the owner.

Hard times like these make it harder for service people to survive.

Waiting tables is not a shameful job in the West. It's because people are required to tip there.
It sustains a big chunk of people not employed inside skyscrapers. The bigger picture makes it a big chunk of consumer spending power to keep the national economy going.

If you're hard up now with the spiraling prices, what more with those whose hands serve and feed your tables or mix your drinks?

Pay it forward. Even the taxicab drivers deserve to be tipped, in spite of a high flag down rate, and fare. They've got quotas to achieve in a day, or else they'll end up with no take-home pay.

The only time you shouldn't tip is if they really treat you rudely.

We are responsible to help people survive.

Indirectly, they keep our economy growing, if they have money to spend in the first place.

We exist in an interdependent world. The macro-economic picture can only be brighter if the micro-economic factors are sustained.

Worse, people will drink or eat out less, so that makes tips more vital to sustain the service crew. With less customers, they'll be more hard up. So, leave a tip! It may mean survival for their families!

Tipping is much better than giving out to mendicants. We encourage the dignity of labor by tipping.

You feel its immediate perks, too. When you go back to a bar, or restaurant, they smile and try to look for the best seat for you. They might even add up extra alcohol to strengthen the mix. Or, they give you extras, like more parmesan cheese on your pasta.

I only tip cab drivers who don't ask where you're going, but simply take you in, without questions. Drivers who really use the meter, rather than haggle with you for a "flat rate."

The best way to end the night, is when a cab driver is surprised that you left him at least a tip not lower than ten pesos, and he thanks you from the bottom of his heart, with the surprise gesture you made. It is a surprise because people tip less or don't leave a tip at all these days.

Everyone's coping with inflation. So let's all help each other out.

You'll sleep soundly knowing you did something to the least of your brethren, therefore, whatsoever you tipped, that you did unto Him, right?

"Most claims of originality are testimony to ignorance and most claims of magic are testimony to hubris." -James March-

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