Re-posted from blog: 'Yo Liloy Salas as Tago’s Tanging Yaman

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Re-posted from blog: 'Yo Liloy Salas as Tago’s Tanging Yaman

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'Yo Liloy Salas...Tago’s Tanging Yaman

If there’s one admirable person in Tago, it’s Iyo Lilo Salas.

‘Yo Liloy has loads of leadership and creative skills that will put to shame people half his age. He’s the wind beneath the senior citizens’ wings, and one has only to watch their anniversary celebration to see the brilliance of the man.

‘Yo Liloy may be short of hearing but certainly not of ideas! He has a vision and a dream, and never tires chasing after them. He has composed a five-man team whose mission is to set up an archive for Tago’s facts and figures. And he’s bent on writing a book about Tago. Once realized, this will not only put Tago in the mainstream of national consciousness but immortalize it. Now pray tell: is there an aspiration more sublime than that?

‘Yo Liloy, for sure, has more than paid his dues. But instead of riding off to a glorious sunset, he continues to dream bigger dreams, no, not for himself, but for Tago. If this is not worth applauding for, then I don’t know what is.
"Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow."
- ronald e. Osborn

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