Tagon-on Wins Food Writing Award

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Tagon-on Wins Food Writing Award

Unread post by BONSAL »

A TAGON-ON recently won The 5th Annual Doreen Gamboa Fernandez Food Writing Award. This year's competition was sponsored and partnered by Manila Ladies Branch of the International Wine and Food Society (IWFS) and Filipino Heritage Festival, Inc.

Romel Oribe's winning entry entitled "The Pudding Icon's Lip Licking Concoction" was adjudged the best among 173 entries. The article, which illustrates Tago’s favorite native delicacy, was first published in Tagosds.Org.

The competition is part of the program of two distinguished organization who are working towards the same goal—that of cultivating our Filipino culture particularly in the area of culinary arts.

Mr. Oribe is also a contributing writer and moderator of Tagosds.Org, has won several prestigious writing competitions. He contributes a feature column to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

Congratulations Romel! You make us proud.
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Unread post by mimi »

Congrats, K-Spy! And thanks for making our famous pudding more famous :)

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Unread post by cordapya »

Oh well---it is not unsual for K-SPY to win.:roll :roll :roll :roll TAPAYAN DA !!! :-({|= :-({|= :roll :D anyway K-SPY--CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :shock :shock :shock AGAIN...
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Unread post by atat »

Congrats! K-SPY :) :) :D :D ikaw pa! Hats off gayod kami! :shock :roll :roll :roll
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Unread post by SIBULING »

Tapayan da iton gayud ni Spy.

Sinahi ako nan yaon niya na talent!

congrats kuno laong nan ako kabanahan.amo pa kaabot kahapon,gkan nan India.Ad-0n kay ad-on kay na sab kamiiiiii.

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Unread post by Judstump »

Congrats Tito Mel (k-spy) uno anhi wara sa lang imo saba. sige taraw kita IM wara kaw lang magsugilon. na hala sige dakan isab. Congrats again. uno may balita nakaw kan Cecille wara pasa anhi makatawag.

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Unread post by kampanaryo_spy »

hey guys,

THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH. and i'm very sorry for taking this long to thank all of you. if not for mimi who texted me yesterday, wara ako mahibawo nan ini na thread kay usually dili sa lagi ako mangukay nan yaka-archive na.

i found out about the contest three days before deadline. but knowing that "kakanin" was this year's theme, i was confident i could beat the deadline because all i had to do then was add a few touches to my stock pudding article to suit this year's criteria.

when the awards committee emailed to inform me that i won, i emailed back, saying that our pudding is famous, more famous in fact than tago's homegrown celebrities combined---sunday salvacion, zandro limpot and sam milby!

to God be the glory.
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Unread post by Alibangbang »

Hey K-Spy,

Wow another one! ! ! Congratulations. . . .

Praise his holy name.

Much love,
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