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Author:  pato [ Tue Jan 25, 2011 9:28 am ]
Post subject:  "PATO MEETS BILL"

I was agog upon surely knowing the diminutive creeping news;
The fiery speculation from the media had made me gingerly wary on its views;
I can’t believe we were a big part on his surreptitious arrival;
Though our part behind it wasn’t obvious yet essential;
Vital nimbleness was all I need to gird on the actual.

Bill Clinton’s aircraft when he had visited Manila was so gigantic;
The crews were pleasantly promiscuous and systematic;
The aircraft’s interior was sumptuously designed;
The earthy motifs were perky combined;
It’s somewhat quintessential luxurious chic hotels that totally bind.

The presidential guards on the tarmac were all over the place;
It’s really different if you’re a prominent and influential person like his case;
Everything must be completely planned and properly coordinated;
Otherwise, you’ll be in trouble or be disgusted;
Thankfully, our services were excellent and the trust had not been busted.

Bill Clinton had a thick gray hair and was lanky;
Though thin but he was very fit and healthy;
He loved fresh fruits and sashimi;
The untouched leftover foods were given to us by the attendant pleasurably;
She was a smiling person when I had a short conversation with her amiably.

In short, we took pictures though it’s not allowed at first before he had departed;
It was chaotic when our request had been granted;
It was one in a lifetime meeting;
And knowing his status yet generously indulging into that idling thing;
Sir Bill, you’re really amazing!

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