How to Create a Memorable Valentine's Day Without Much Money

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How to Create a Memorable Valentine's Day Without Much Money

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Step 1 Write Your Valentine a Poem
Write your loved one a poem. Or, if you are not verbally inclined, take a favorite romantic poem, song lyrics, or even a quote that demonstrates how you feel and dress it up somehow. Use a desktop publishing program like Microsoft Publisher to dress it up pretty and put the printout in an elegant frame.

Step 2 Finding Several Surprises Can Make Valentine's Day Memorable
Follow your loved one's path during his or her morning routine and leave little romantic notes for him or her to find. You can also leave little gifts like chocolate hearts or flowers along with the notes. You could even, with a little help from his or her coworkers, take it a step further and continue the game even after he or she has gone to work. A Valentine's Day filled with romantic little surprises can easily be more memorable than a Valentine's Day with a single shiny present after dinner.

Step 3Make them a valentine!
Just like back in school, break out the scissors, glitter, construction paper, and other crafting supplies and make them a custom valentine. Even something as simple and straightforward as a homemade valentine can be more meaningful than any store-bought card.

Step 4Put together a gift basket of his or her favorite little things.
Things like soaps, candles, and chocolates work well. You could even give them a "Date in a Basket" where each item in the basket carries special significance for your Valentine's Day date.

Step 5 Serenade him or her with a special song.
It could be a song that holds particular meaning to your relationship or a song with lyrics that describe how you feel.

Step 6 Show Your Valentine How You Feel With a Romantic Dinner
Cook dinner for your loved one. Open a nice bottle of wine and serve dinner over candlelight. Finger foods and dainty items are good ideas because you can feed each other if the mood strikes. Dim the lights and put on some soft, romantic music to enhance the mood.


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