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Death is a horrible term to everybody;
An avoidable word if it can possibly be;
It’s the time wherein we summon our relatives in a sad condition;
As if our heart is wrecking with a dejectedness emotion;
And it’s a time wherein you’re in unexplainable condition.

Based from experience I’ve learned the word detachment;
A time wherein the whole family is in the midst of bereavement;
I also learned that everything here on earth is temporary;
There’s no guarantee that everything will last forever and won’t slip away;
Be prepared because it will come like a thief into our life and family one day.

I’ve learned that the torment in life comes first then acceptance;
Like experiencing death with our love one is an instance;
After the acceptance, the realization will follow ‘til it through;
Then the detachment is the final solution to move on and to do so;
It’s a life cycle that everyone must know.

Death is a part of life cycle so mysterious and hard to grasp;
Only God knows when it would be our last and final gasp;
I’m only sharing my experience to those people who undergo like this;
It’s the only way to ease the pain while mending ‘til it cease;
Until such time that it will lost its trace.

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