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Time really fly so fast. I couldn’t believe that Tommy and Ma-an’s death anniversary will be turning for more than a decade already. Their innocent faces are still fresh and vividly clear into my mind. That tragic accident that was devilishly horrifying had made me feel pulverized my heart when I suddenly knew it. There were many questions, denials and what if’s that wedge during that time into my mind but it was so sad that there has always been no exceptions when death would come surreptitiously.

Remembering them when we were still kids would make me feel shy at first every time they would come and visit for a vacation in Tago. Maybe it was because with the way I had treated myself then. I was like a typical young boy who newly entered fresh from school that when he is already comfortable with the other children, the undying conversation and laughter would then be unstoppable until it would take their breath away.

I loved them with the way they had handled themselves. They were flexible and not so choosy most especially in terms of food. They would eat what was prepared and available on the table silently without having any complain. I think they inherited this attitude from their terrific Lola who had never failed to teach them good values and most especially the virtue of chastity despite the overflowing riches of their parents.

Looking back with the incident would really make me feel sadly gasp and sigh. It was so fleeting, so instantly abrupt in a way that they had made them completely gone with having only a little unifying body traces. If you were their parents and possesses a very weak personality, you would be crazy.

I really miss them. I know that in some other time in a different place, we shall be doomed to meet again. It barely happens that they had gone earlier than us.

Bid adieu, Tom and Ma-an. The happy memories that we’ve had will always be treasured and will never ever be forgotten.

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