Hacker's Birthday Gift to the Webmaster!

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Hacker's Birthday Gift to the Webmaster!

Unread post by BONSAL »

Just this morning, there was an intrusion in our database and server files. Forum's postings and topics from September 20 to September 25 were allegedly deleted. To lessen the problem, I restored the database that was saved last September 24,'07 10am (manila time). In effect, subsequent posts and topics from September 24,'07 10am (manila time) were eliminated.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. !!!

The Admin
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Unread post by Alibangbang »

Mr. Admin,

Once my Greek friend, Kiki Portokalos (yes same last name as Toula from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" :-D ) said to me that she won't mind if "not nice" things happen to her on her birthday. "Because" she said, "for us Greeks if something bad happen on our birthday, we're rid of bad luck for the rest of the year".

So if we look at this sunny-side-up. Dimodo safe na Bon astan site for the rest of the year. :-D

Thanks for restoring the site so swiftly.
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