joy.... happiness... blessings... graces... gratitude...
whatever u wanna call it! its the stuff that makes us smile and see the world in full color.

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Thanks for the thoughts and prayers when the sigwels needed it the most! Although i rarely come here to blog, allow me to grab this opportunity to appreciate with gratefulness those altruistic hearts and willingly offered endlessly their support and be there for us when the road was a li'l bumpy and the flight was slightly shaky....for whom I've only known from many is Manong Al Espinoza and some gentleman named "Ricky", thank you so much! And for others, thank you as well, wholeheartedly.

Indeed, that li'l girl used to sing, "God is so good", and yes I assent to her fave praise/s song that God is really and really good to her who is now a sweet young lady is already safe from harm and happily with her family,our family...

Thank You Lord!
And many BLESsING to all who cares.


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