Snapshots of Batch'99 Feeding Program

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Re: Snapshots of Batch'99 Feeding Program

Unread post by COLETZ »

in behalf of batch '99 salamati sa tanan. It was atty Pispanero who kindled the idea of giving something back during easter sunday, and not just the usual beach/party happenings.

we would like to thank our very own "Grasha" (the blogger), for sponsoring the feeding program. God bless you a thousandfold.

Our batch has decided to make this a tradition whenever we have a gathering/reunion in Tago. Benefactors are most welcome for our next feeding program. :) :-D :)
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Re: Snapshots of Batch'99 Feeding Program

Unread post by grasha »

To all my batch mates, well done!

Let's all continue to share our blessings.

Nice pics Bon, thanks. Coletz, next year present na ako. =)

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Re: Snapshots of Batch'99 Feeding Program

Unread post by pepotatoy »

wow. just seeing the wonderful pictures really warms the heart, what more with actually being there.. :D thanks so much for sharing it with us!
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