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I’ve been happily staying for 4 mos. now at my new house in Cavite since I left Taguig, but I am still truly captivated by its place. Maybe it’s obviously because of its rural setting which is parallel from Tago – my home town.

In my new home you can ordinarily and freely gaze the emerald beds of luxuriant rice stalks that have been gently swayed down by the cooling breeze on the sprawling rice field a few pace next to my door step; you can see a minimal number of cows that have been wandering and grazing on the abandoned sod land while riding along the roads in going to the office; you can hear the chirping sound of chickens in the neighborhood and the squeaky sound of frogs and insects that pierces through the house coming from the rice field at night.

My new home town has a couple of preserved centennial houses. At the heart of it, you can see many old abode. Their town plaza is quite small but the government buildings most especially the Municipal Hall are stunningly flamboyant and the surrounding is completely clean.

Adjacent to the Municipal Town Hall is the Catholic Church. This church is one of my many favorite churches in the country. It’s not that huge though compared to Cathedrals but the architectural design was excellently and precisely made to look like a relic possession from the past. I used to attend the 6 o’clock mass schedule at this church because I find it solemn, you can’t hear any baby’s wailing cry during the entire ceremony and you can’t see teenagers chatting and texting at the main foyer that would give a vexatious destruction from the attention of anybody who’s concerned.

I have no idea when the church was exactly built but you would absolutely appreciate the entirety of it. The wall of the building was made of rough hollow block size unpainted slates and the interior design was totally conceptualized from an ancient style setting. The main altar has its canopy that was intricately carved and was lustrously painted by gold and scarlet. On the altar ceilings, it has a meticulously painted design of a gate of heaven that was surrounded by a boiling clouds and some saints’ personality that would give a majestic touch which is similar from the Vatican. You can also see some dangling antique inspired design chandeliers that would complement its lighting to the entire building of the church.

I can conclusively say that the town of Malabon is an ideal place to stay and it has not been totally crowded yet. You can see many vacant lots outside the subdivision.

I hope that the entire town and its peace and order would be maintained as it has always been up to the upcoming more years to come.

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