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Due to severely rapid fuel inflation,

Many lowly people have been affected especially those who’re riding in a public transportation;

They’ve been suffering into a situation that needs an immediate solution;

A problem that must be scrutinized in order to create a keen conclusion;

In a way that everyone would have a healthy living lifestyle and a pleasant condition.

In my case, riding in a public transportation was utterly burdensome;

Not only costly, stressful and time consuming, it causes me from boredom;

If your house is too far from the place where you work and you’re in a hurry, you would be disgusted;

You can instantly think on how to find a solution in order to solve your problem and be amended;

So that in the end, there’s no other reason again for you to be dejected.

My solution was to buy a motorcycle;

Riding my ancient bike from Cavite to Pasay and vice versa was no longer advisable;

Thankfully, my yearnings of having one had clung favorably for me;

The money that would be used in buying it wasn’t really an issue completely;

It’s only a blink of an eye and my dreamed motorcycle had come into a reality instantly.

My dreamed motorcycle was Honda because it has always been good;

I found it jaunty in riding along the roads and give me a pleasurably soothing confidence in a subtlety mode;

It’s a leading brand of motorcycle actually that the company has been deliberately tackled;

It’s been conclusively proven and tested for a myriad of years after all;

It’s sturdy too and obviously recommendable to those who are after for quality but reasonable.

Having it with me now gives me a big help completely;

And it can save me from everything thoroughly;

I use it every day into my daily activity.

It was an excellent decision and it really made me happy truly.

It’s a blessing indeed, totally!

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