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Cooking food is one of my many past time favorites, but due to our erratic flight schedules I had to set this hobby aside. Ever since in high school, I have already been hooked to this hobby and I’m a bit meticulous too in preparing for any foods that I like to indulge in. Maybe I inherited these skills from my mother because she loves cooking and she would expose us whenever she used to cook for us especially when we were still at a very tender age.

One Sunday late afternoon I treated myself to cook for a delicious food that I was craving for. It was called Italian Spaghetti and Buttered Prawns.

On my way home after office hour, on a Saturday afternoon, along the way in Binacayan, Bacoor Cavite wet market as I passed by, I bought a quarter kilo of medium size fresh prawns. Fresh prawns in Bacoor are plenty. You can buy it on the sidewalks’ market at any time.

After I had dropped my things and my newly bought prawns into my new home, I headed right away to Robinson’s Supermarket to buy some additional ingredients for my Italian Spaghetti. I didn’t mind buying the other ingredients because I had already a stock which was given to me by our generous client, Pure Foods Inc. – my special thanks --, when we had the chance to assist their VIP guests.

Here comes Sunday. Hearing the early Holy Mass and cleaning my house has already been my routine activity. In the afternoon, I would take a siesta to recharge myself. I woke up at half past five on that day. I rose up right away and started cooking my favorite menu.

I’ve learned that cooking at your own house is really different. You are always inspired and excited. You are not hesitant on what you would do because nobody will complain with the things you are passionately doing.

While I was sautéing the spices, it wafted out the aroma into the entire house and it made me feel hungry.

After cooking, I set my table wares together with my heavy stainless spoon and fork and microwavable sturdy ceramic plate, which Bonsal had once commented that he was like eating in a fancy hotel, when they had the chance to visit and dine with me.

After the preparation, I can’t wait any longer. It was the most awaited part on that Sunday evening. My yearnings on cooking and eating my favorite foods were realized. I felt like I was the richest man in the whole wide world while I am voraciously enjoying the foods and at the same time sipping a glass of brandy.

True happiness indeed can be found anywhere as long as you know how to.

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