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As I go to the office every day,
I met a lot of people along the way;
I observed that every human being has its own role to portray;
Though I don’t know what character in life they would play;
I know they all have something to say.

All of us have its uniqueness;
By reading other peoples mind can make us stress;
Here on earth is complicated;
There have some afflictions and distress;
It’s a conclusive idea that all conflicts starts to all of this.

The human mind is too complex and it varies;
It has full of mysteries;
Sometimes it can be foretold by us to some degree;
But pondering it deeply is not certainly easy;
Better observing a technology it’s definitely care free.

Many unbelievable creations are created these days;
It’s ubiquitous all over the place;
The human mind is really amazing;
Everything can be done even without the knowledge of thinking;
But only God can explain to that unconquerable and mysterious thing.

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