Tago K of C Choir's New Organist is an Angel

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Tago K of C Choir's New Organist is an Angel

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The new organist of the K of C of Tago Men's Choir is a 12 year old angel who just graduated from the Falcon Memorial Elementary School. His name is Japhet James Laurente Abadingo, anak siya ni Arlene Laurente Abadingo, usa ka public school teacher. Apo ini siya na bata ni Tagubaw. Still a child, his musical prowess is something every Tagon-on should be proud of. For the K of C of Tago, hulog sya nan langit as finally we have found the fingers which will lead and conduct us to create beautiful church music. Arang amu naton-an na kanta tungod kan Japhet. Tungod sab Kay ganado na kami sa pagkanta, ganado na sab kami sa amu organizational meetings. You are very much invited to witness Japhet in action with the K of C of Tago Men's during the second Sunday mass. To Japhet, happy graduation!
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Re: Tago K of C Choir's New Organist is an Angel

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I am happy that there’s a young lad like Japhet who’s inclined to have a prowess in musical instrument. Having this talent is very rare in our town at this time. If there would be one, they don’t have the nerve to indulge themselves pleasurably into the community.

Japhet, I hope we could have the chance to perform on stage together one day soon. If you happen to read my post, just close your eyes and try to imagine yourself after reading this: “The twain of us are performing together live in Tago Gym with an array of orchestra that would accompany along with us. The Gym is laid up by red carpet and we’re wearing a tuxedo, of course. The crowds will be agape by the soothing sophisticated sound of its melodious harmony of musical instruments and the melodramatic ray of lights is utterly blending into the songs that we are passionately performing together.” Beautiful, isn’t it?

I hope that God will one day grant my yearnings of having a chance to perform like this in our town for the love of music and artistry.

Keep on practicing and dreaming because a single step is the beginning of a thousand mile journey.

Allanquinonez, thanks for sharing.

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